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Laser Tattoo Removal by Lose Your Ink




During your initial free consultation assessment of your tattoo we will 


Discuss in detail how the laser tattoo removal process works which includes:


 : The predicted number of treatments required for a sucsessful outcome 


 : Quote you a very competative price (see pricing chart , package deals for discounts)


 : Explain in detail the aftercare process , frequency of treatments , short / long term expentations


 : Answer any questions you may have about the process as accuratly as possible.


If you are completely satisfied, your tattoo treatments  can commence immediately 

( note some large tattoo may require a test patch explained in the consultation ) 


Your then on your way to ink free skin.







 We are very conveniently located only a minutes walk from Chadstone Shopping Centre and only two minutes drive from the Warrigul Rd exit from the Monash freeway . There is ample parking in the area and the bus stops directly outside the cliinic 


Important points

We are here to help 

 : Dont be concerned , scared or nervous .

Every one says after the first treatment " 

       " That was no were as bad as i expected ".


 : Your Privacy is treated with the utmost importantace 


: Our clinician has treated 100s of clients over the years and is very knowledgeable in all matters reguarding tattoo removal .


: all treatments are proffessionally dressed with  an antiseptic Cream 

applied to  completely minimize any possible complications .


: Special compound numbing cream is available to make the treatment as 

comfortable as possible .



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