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Melbourne Tattoo Removal Clinic

Regret Your Tattoo? “Lose Your Ink” Can Help!


Lose Your Ink is the ideal Melbourne tattoo removal clinic. Located in East Malvern, near the Monash Freeway and Chadstone Shopping Centre. We specialise in tattoo removal and fading work using the latest dedicated tattoo removal equipment. Our Ultralase laser is a sophisticated machine, designed primarily for the purpose of tattoo removal and is known for it’s outstanding ability to remove a variety of tattoo inks. 


As tattoo removal experts, we witness a growing number of people getting tattooed and bitterly regretting their decision later on in life.  Our clinic offers treatments that can remove tattoos containing black, blue, green and red inks within 6-12 treatments. With modern laser technology the risk of scarring is very low, however your personal aftercare is important to ensure the best long-term outcome. Anaesthetic creams can be used to numb the skin prior to laser treatment. It’s also possible to completely remove or significantly lighten darker tattoos but it is not always possible to totally remove a tattoo comprising lighter inks such as white, yellow and sky blue. Our experienced team is here to assist you every step of the way and ensure the best possible long-term result. Treatments are quick and clients experience only minimal discomfort. Take advantage of our ‘free’ consultation today and see how we can help.


If you’re after a Melbourne tattoo removal clinic, contact Lose Your Ink today on (03) 9563-4931 or send an online enquiry to and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.