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I have been operating this business now for nine  years . It took me almost a year to realise exactly how nervous / concerned every one is about their first treatment session which is quite understandable .  Yes  it is can be  uncomfotable ,  however i can honestly say that  most people make the comment " THAT WASNT NEAR AS BAD AS I THOUGHT IT WOULD BE ". You Tube clips , UK tattoo TV shows eta only highlight the extreme examples of Laser tattoo removal and most poeple base their assumpions on the most negative examples of any process / procedure they may look at undertaking . If  your considering tattoo removal but overly concerned about the pain . There are pain releaf  options that can dramatically help the process , the most effective being  Numbing cream . PLEASE dont hestiate to contact me  to discuss the options as i try to make the whole experiance  of losing your unwanted Tattoos  as pleasantly  as possible .